Anthony & Dustin of Urbano Outfitters, PAD

If you don’t already know them, this gorgeous couple is Anthony (left) & Dustin (right), aka Urbano Outfitters/Closet Freaks of Jersey City. I first discovered them when Another Man’s Treasure posted a link to Anthony & Dustin’s blog on their Facebook Page, and it was crush at first sight. These two had me at cuffed pants and bow ties. I’ve since hoped to spot them on the streets and showcase them here on Downtown, natch!, but I had not a lick of luck. That is until Anthony reached out to me and thought of meeting up in person. We met at the Warehouse Cafe and got to know each other over coffee!

Naturally, Anthony and I pulled out our cameras and started shooting snaps of each other. We walked around the PAD (Powerhouse Arts District), posed while trying not to look as though the cold wind was piercing our faces, kicked stones, and fake-walked for that “oh-I’m-just-strolling-casually-in-my-cute-outfit” shot. It was great meeting a fellow JC style blogger! Did we hug it out? You know it. They were both really sweet! Go to their blog now. This post doesn’t do them justice.



  1. Patrick

    im guessing anthony is the one on the left? but one question for you. how do you get your hair like that? i know it takes gel and more hair products after hair products but i can never get my hair any where near that. maybe its because i have nappy Dominican hair -_- but that hair is awesome.

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