Mehdi, Provost St.




If you know me well enough, you know that I never met a drop crotch I didn’t like, so as soon as I saw Mehdi amble into the Warehouse Cafe the other day, I had to ask: Where did you get those shorts, and do they make them for women? Turns out, Mehdi is the designer. He also told me that indeed there is a ‘hers’ version of this Rock the Casbah’ pants, but unfortunately (for those of us who like the crotch of their pants dangling somewhere mid-thigh) they’re not for purchase just yet. Until they become available, we’re just gonna have to hold our breaths in those skinny skin tight jeans.


One comment

  1. “I never met a drop crotch I didn’t like” had me DYING. So funny & I am obsessed with this trend as well. I have an amazing jumpsuit from Lululemon with a drop crotch, but I want some WOMEN’S PANTS like this!!! Def. let us know when they are available!

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