Thanks to @Trigonis for the photo!

From the diligently dapper to the deliberately disheveled, Marinell showcases the distinctive style-stories of the city she loves in Jersey City’s first and only streetstyle blog, Downtown, Natch! She’s a graphic design gig-hopper and when the workday’s done and she’s caught up with the latest Instagrams, Marinell looks forward to watching the latest films in theaters, savoring that afternoon cup of third-wave coffee, and ending the day over a glass or two of Nebbiolo by moonlight, all in that order.

If you see yourself on Downtown, Natch! and like the photo, please feel free to use it, Instagram it, make it your Facebook profile pic, etc., but I’d appreciate it if you’d link it to Downtown, Natch! Thanks!



  1. Marinell, excellent job! Did you get an invite to the AMT warehouse opening party tonight?? If not please come! Theres guaranteed to be a ton of top notch JC style here! Starts at 7. Invite only but bring a friend 😉

    • Hey Laura! Thanks for checking my blog out. Yes, Meika told me about it. I plan to go and take photos. Hopefully the lighting won’t be any problem since it’s indoors, but I’ll see you there!

  2. how is this the first time i’m seeing this!?! LOVE the blog, and love seeing someone document OUR neighborhood the way we see it! i’m featuring jersey city blogs on my own today, stay tuned to see Downtown Natch featured first!!

    cheers, neighbor 😉

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